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 Saints super special awesome BIO

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PostSubject: Saints super special awesome BIO   Wed Jul 16, 2008 8:39 am

tanks to sousuke for this template thingy

Hey Heres some stuff about me

Name: dont think so Suspect

Online Name: Fallen Saint
Job: Carwash,window washing,make comics Shocked well its a good start....

Hobbies&interests : football WoW (cant play it but looks good) MGO PS3 n stuff

Why am i here: Iam a proud member of OHU Cool

Past: I have quite the past ... I was in MPC O.O,was in OHU once before and FALL
have been a coleader and staff sgt

Current: im on holiday Razz

if you want any more info about me and what i do e-mail meh at
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Saints super special awesome BIO
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