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 Not a Bio threat

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not a threat

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PostSubject: Not a Bio threat   Not a Bio threat Icon_minitimeWed Jul 16, 2008 5:04 am

Maybe that title is misleading.

What to say really?
I spent most of my time online playing COD4 and Guitarhero3 until I got MGS4

Where I ended up getting owned alot in the first few weeks...

After I started getting "good" I decided to join a clan the first clan I got accepted in was a clan called Killerbreed but that seemed to fall apart after a few weeks. I then discovered a game called photoshoot with Remenant taking photo's. Pretty much after that I decided to apply to OHU where I was accepted.

But now I cannot play any game online until I get back to my own PS3 some time in August. I know I keep repeating that but I'm just making sure every one knows the reason why I am inactive on the game.

The only reason I am able to post on the website is because I am using an internet cafe.

to be continued...
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Not a Bio threat
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